Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday, March 2, Captain Don's

Went on on Captain Don's boat from 12-2:30 and we saw three Humpback Whales, one being a juvenile which stuck pretty close to one of the larger whales. Just before finding the Humpbacks, we found a pod of Dall's Porpoise! These zippy little jet powered things swam to our boat and then jumped in our bow wake for a bit as we dashed off to view the Humpbacks. I saw one Humpback breach, but many on our boat missed it, as it was off in the distance a bit. We saw lots of spouts, and few spectacular tail shots. It was beautiful day and the passengers and crew were all a lot of fun. Email me your photos from this trip and I'll add them to this blog entry!

Please don't publish or distribute the photos of others without their permission! But please share them here for the enjoyment of all, if you are inclined.

Friday, Feb. 29, Coral Seas

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Went out with a great group of kids and their teacher and parents. We had a great day! Saw a huge pod of 1500-2000 Common Dolphin shortly after leaving the harbor, about 3 miles out. The captain turned off the boat motor so we could hear the whistle sounds that dolphins make!

Eventually we found two majestic Humpback Whales, who appeared to be feeding. After a short time, these two Humpbacks seemed to bond with our boat and chose to keep surfacing right by the boat. I think everyone got lots of spectacular close up views. Many of us got to smell whale breath!!! After viewing these two whales for quite a while, we had to leave. As if to say, "hey, where are you guys going?", the whales kept "spyhopping", or sticking their heads out of the water to see above the surface, and watch us as we left.

The kids, dolphins and whales were all on their best behavior! It was a terrific day.

If you were on this boat, send me photos and I'll post them on this blog entry! And you can check back later to read about other boat trips as well.

The great images above were provided by: Bruce Ferris. Thanks Bruce! Terrific pics.